Nekljaev said, goes to the president

The leader of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth," the poet Nyaklyayeu announced his intention to run for presidency.

His decision to run for president Nekljaev made on the air Russian radio station Echo of Moscow.

The leader of the "Tell the Truth", "this is really going to happen, will be announced as soon as the presidential election." The politician said that remains a supporter of the idea of nominating a single candidate from the democratic forces.

EM: You are applying to participate in the presidential elections?

Nyaklyaeu: Formally, today I am not a candidate for president. But realistically, it will happen as soon as the presidential election will be announced.

That is, you run?

Nyaklyaeu: Yes, it's already decided.

Nyaklyayeu Freedom thus explained his statements on the radio station "Echo of Moscow":

"As a bit of a hurry to do in Minsk me as a candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Belarus, so hurried and in Moscow, where I said I was going to be a candidate for the presidency. A presidential candidate — is the man, which is not easy to say, and will gather 100,000 signatures will make them to the appropriate authority, which is the Central Election Commission, where it will register and give him a document in which he will be a candidate for the presidency. We declare that from the "Tell the Truth!" nominated as a candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Belarus Nyaklyayeu once be said that these elections will indeed take place. "

Except Neklyaeva its participation in the elections stated:

  • , Owed
  • Yuri Glushakov
  • Gregory Kastusyou
  • Milinkevich
  • Mikhalevich
  • Yaroslav Romanchuk
  • Vitaly Rymashevski
  • Andrei Sannikov



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