New life and destruction of Typhoon Talas

In Japan, the number of deaths due to the impact of Typhoon "Talas" has increased to 47 people, with 53 people missing. In the south-west of the country elements raging for several days, it does not stop the rains, the rivers burst their banks.

Japanese authorities plan to begin the evacuation of people from the central and western part of the country. Just leave their homes more than 450 thousand people. Meteorologists warn that because of the low speed of the typhoon heavy rainfall in the region will continue and will result in powerful new floods and landslides.

"Talas" became the largest typhoon, second only to the destructive force of typhoon "Tokage" 2004. As a result of shock "Togage" in Japan were killed or went missing 98. Now typhoon "Talas" degenerated into a hurricane, losing much in force, and reached the coast of Primorye. The region has already had the monthly rainfall. In the village of Ore Dock at night dropped 68 millimeters, one and a half times higher than the norm. The rain continued in the central and eastern parts of the region.


Typhoon "Talas" struck on the night of Primorye vtornik.Bez electricity were several thousand villagers Chernigovka.

Strong winds and heavy rain knocked out two fidera.Po to forecasters, "Talas" will remain on the territory of Primorye until Wednesday. After that, it will move to the Tatar Strait and the coast of the Khabarovsk Territory.

Prior to that time in Vladivostok extended entered on September 5 ban on movement of passenger boats and paromov.Tem time in Japan, where the typhoon moved to the Russian Far East, the number of victims, "Talas" has reached 37-man.

Time factor

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