New spelling: the issue price has not been determined

On September 1, came into effect the "Law on the rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation." How to prepare for the innovations of the school and the media, or significant changes.

For pupils and students announced a three-year transition period, when, for example, in the dictations make a mistake it for a rule that has been changed, it will not be taken into account. Teachers have been trained released dictionaries, manuals. But the problems are, said the deputy chairman of the Belarusian SocietyRussian language, Candidate of Philological Sciences Elena Anisim:

Elena Anisim

"The main difficulty is that many of the exclusion was removed, but not all were photographed. And to trace and find the logic in the exclusion is difficult. There is no such clear-cut concept that everything took off exclusion in writing, say, "In neskladovaga" or harmonization of the various loan words in writing. There is also quite difficult. Will always have to work with dictionaries until runs out in your head, will not affect in-memory write some words. "

In today's state newspaper "Zvezda" posted an article "How to easily upgrade to a new version of Belarusian spelling." In other articles, the word "manager", "computer" is written under the new rules. With a capital letter is written the word "President". As for the newspaper "Nasha Niva"She is quite tough pravopisnyh policy, she moved to the school spelling in January 2008. The site is also notable changes. But the word "president" of the publication will be written with a lowercase letter, says editor Andrei Skurko:

Andrei Skurko

"If we have some kind of penalty for what we write this word, as written before, we'll just avoid it. The Belarusian language rich in synonyms. Spelling and ideology — is the stuff of different orders. Spelling should reflect the state of the language, the state of its development, as language is constantly evolving, new lexical items. Any changes in spelling from time to time shall be paid. But they do not have to serve the needs of ideology. All the more so should not be used to suppress the independent press. "

Chief Editor of "ARCHE" Valery Bulgakov said that the publication will be published in such a way as to output: accepted for publication texts written and the school, and the classical spelling:

Valery Bulgakov

"I think there is a strategically mistakenly allow the Belarusian regime, who witnessed his complete indifference in the worst sense of the Belarusian language and culture, set the rules for those subjects of the Belarusian cultural field, which claim to independence. Belarusian regime, such as it is, has no moral right to determine how we publish your book, how to attract Belarusian reader. Therefore, we are ready to go away, but only the future will show how dangerous this way. "

Valery Bulgakov says that the issue price is not yet known. Referred to various penalties — from warnings and fines to the closure and termination of the media in court.


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