New volcano Lokon

Lock on stratovolcano located 10 km from the provincial capital of North Sulawesi city of Manado, recorded another eruptive episode. Compared to the previous eruption that happened a week ago, the current magnitude and had a large group was accompanied by minor earthquakes at intervals of two minutes. Fortunately, the locals were prepared in advance for a possible accident, and there were no casualties.

Mount Lokon produces tons of ash during the eruption, Tomohon neighborhood, north of. Sulawesi. October 2011.

During the eruption of ash column rose curl height of 2.5 km. While the geological survey said evacuation unnecessary precaution, but all the necessary equipment, transportation, cash (~ 43,600 USD) is within range, the local population is aware of the probability of such an operation. National Service help during natural disasters has already sent to Tomohon special tents and packing food.

In response to recent events Indonesian authorities regarded the temporary suspension of the airport Sam Ratulangi on about. Sulawesi. Well as developing alternative means of communication between Manado and Tomohon, as previous eruptions completely isolated town. First, at the beginning of the evacuation will move Indonesians living within 2.5 km from the volcano.


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