New York City experienced a strong disaster in its history

Difficult situation in the U.S., now day the whole world watches with bated breath to see how the most populous region of North America goes under the water. "Supershtorm" "Sandy" dealt a crushing blow to the east coast of the United States. Flooded roads, tunnels and subways, overflowed rivers, burning houses, more than six million people are still without electricity. Dead — at least 17, but authorities assure that all could have turned out much worse.

The most vulnerable to the shocks of "Sandy" was a system of energy supply. Squally wind tore the wires like a thread. Technical services is clearly not rapidly disconnect the damaged power lines. The result — many fires. In the New York borough of Queens once burned fifty houses.

One after another, exploded and burned electrical substation, plunging into the darkness of entire neighborhoods. One of the outages occurred just at the time of recording a TV interview.

In southern New York's Staten Island hurricane strength was such that he was washed up 50-meter water-filled tanker. The coastline is severely broken. The rising tide of the Hudson River flooded the embankments, flooded road tunnels and underground mines.

Despite the proclaimed mandatory evacuation from areas in the lowlands, many townspeople element by surprise. "We were driving and suddenly realized that he was trapped, — says Tony Scott. — The path was cut off by water. But we decided to take a chance. When stalled, I thought, was the end. But lucky."

The wind tower crane boom broke. The upper part hanging over the 57th street at a height of 90 floors. A few minutes later the emergency services received new — At Manhattan collapsed facade.

Adjacent to New York, New Jersey suffered no less. The first impact of elements took over the coastal cities. Almost completely submerged in Atlantic City — the gambling capital of the East Coast. Underwater Ocean City.

Breaking into the center of the continent, a tropical "Sandy" has met with a cold western cyclone, that only made things worse. In Kentucky and Tennessee, after heavy rains started snowing. In Bergen County burst dam. Were flooded several cities — one of them Little Ferry, according to the police chief, went under water by 75%.

Launched a rescue operation. Locked in their homes people evacuated by boat. However, the worst has been avoided. Salem at the plant in New Jersey was stopped one of the reactors. As the company is the operator of the nuclear plant, 4 of 6 circulation pump out of service. According to the latest information, one of the pumps was flooded, but the reactor is safe.

U.S. East Coast comes after a disastrous voyage, "Sandy." Began the restoration work. Six and a half million Americans still sit without light. Barack Obama declared New York a disaster area.

Now cyclone rapidly — at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour — is moving to the north-west. To receive "Sandy" are preparing in Canada, and the U.S. government are planning reconstruction. Next few days, and possibly weeks, and leave only the assessment of the damage.

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