New York is ready for the upcoming blizzard Nemo, said Mayor

New York is ready for the upcoming snow storm "Nemo," which, according to the latest weather forecasts, hit the city in the afternoon on Friday and will last almost a day.

Picture of the coming disaster and its likely effects are constantly changing. Meteorologists predict the New York snowfall with wind speeds between 40-55 miles per hour, with gusts at times reaching 100 kilometers per hour. The possibility of flooding in low-lying areas.

"It is possible that the scale of the storm is exaggerated, but we must be ready for anything. We are ready," — said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, quoted by the TV channel NBC.

Schools and community agencies in New York on Friday working as usual. The city authorities have warned that there may be traffic disruption of public transport, it is possible that movement of the ferry that connects Staten Island to Manhattan, will be suspended.

More than two thousand flights canceled in advance of Friday at airports in New York — Kennedy International, La Guardia and Newark, the resource FlightAware. Last November, New York experienced a hurricane, "Sandy", which claimed the east coast of the United States of more than 100 lives and caused damage in excess of $ 50 billion.

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