Newest «Tor-M2U» replace their predecessors

Adopt air defense units of the Southern Military Area, stationed in the Volgograd region began to receive the first samples of a new anti — missile system «Tor-M2U.» New complexes come to replace obsolete SAM «Wasp».
It is understood that in 2012, «Tor-M2U» will change completely their predecessors. Also, in 2011, adopted military units and air defense units set new automatic control systems «Tangent», «Polyana-D4», «Barnaul-T». Today military rearmament neighborhood modern anti-aircraft missile systems and means of automatic control systems by more than 40%.
Complex short-range «Tor-M2U» is intended to reflect the impacts of air attack the enemy in modern conditions the situation. Complex is able to fight with the enemy by means of high-precision weapons. «Tor-M2U» has 12 anti-aircraft guided missiles capable of hitting targets, soaring at speeds up to 700 meters per second at a range of up to 12 km and at an altitude of up to 6 thousand meters. The complex is able to detect and identify up to 48 targets at once to fire 4 of them.

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