Nibiru is moving toward Earth

It seems that the space is not sleeping and otherwise calculates options destruction of our green lady — planet Earth. Planet is threatened just two unpleasant incident. Astronomers have endured a painful prophecy: first, the world will face an uninvited guest — the planet Nibiru, and then you can wait for an attack of Raja-Sun.

Space scientists claim that the first witnesses of the planet Nibiru, the devil will be residents of the South of the Earth. By the end of 2012, the sky will be able to see the red dot and the inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere.

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Nibiru will appear as a second sun, but its color is red. How will the planet Nibiru, yet say definitely not possible. The key date when everything will be decided, will be the middle of February 2013. At that time, our planet would be just between the sun and the planet Nibiru.

Scientists hypothesize that the magnetic poles begin their shift, and thus change the slope of the Earth. The consequences will be disappointing — earthlings have to endure unprecedented earthquake and tsunami. It was only at the beginning of July 2014 the ill-fated Nibiru will be removed from the earth in its path.

The mysterious planet was discovered in 1983 by American astrologers Harrington and Flanders. Then we calculated the parameters of the planet. The third American scientist Alan Alford has publicly stated that Nibiru is a civilization that has a high development, which is more than three thousand years. This he learned by studying the scrolls of the legendary Mayan.

In addition to the planet Nibiru is approaching Raja Sun, the twin brother of the usual for us luminary. Scientists estimate that Raja had a very large, so the sun burned down earlier than usual. Scientists say that the wait is long. A meeting with the "cosmic duet" threatens Earth catastrophic consequences.

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