Nightmare has more

During the first decade of the new century in the world were more than four thousand natural disasters — is a record number. More than a million people died. Affected about 2.7 billion people — more than a third of the world population. New sad record set and 2011: disaster of the past year, the global economy was worth 378 billion dollars (a record in 2005, placed "due to" hurricane "Katrina" was surpassed by more than 100 billion). The world is obviously something wrong, and from the 2012 any good should not wait.

However, some good news is still there. Despite the growing number of disasters, they are killed fewer people, especially in developed countries where the timely evacuation, solid house, rescue services and control of epidemics better protect citizens from natural disaster. Saves and sometimes just luck. So, in 2010, in the Atlantic were the most intense hurricanes in the last hundred years, but none of the 19 hurricanes do not hit the major cities on the U.S. coast.
On our map of major catastrophes have not got such disasters as the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano and the recent flooding in Thailand, because they did without loss of life. The dimensions of the economic losses caused by disasters are soaring. Thus, the flooding in Thailand cost the economy $ 40 billion and reduced the global industrial production by 2.5%. Were not included in the map and constantly emerging African drought, as no one knows how many people die from them. And the most protected from the destructive binge elements are the Nordic countries — Canada, Northern Europe, and, fortunately, Russia.

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