No beggars? And teachers, doctors, retirees? ..

Our society listener, listening to what he said Alexander Lukashenko on the future of agriculture in a recent trip to Gomel, spoke these words:

"According to the state radio that the President visited the farm and farmer Michael Bolt said there is the following:" Here's your field, here's a lake. Do what you want, sell products. "I would advise the farmer screw flee to Venezuela.'s New economic policy begins."

Economist Yaroslav Romanchuk believes that farming is no prospect for development in Belarus, since there is no regulation, and thus guarantees of economic security:

"The prospect for a new law on the ground in This year, no. Authorities focused solely on the presidential election campaign. No time and ideas to break through the necessary market-based measures.

Therefore, the words "take it and enjoy it" — it's just words, because, as they say the court must have a piece of paper, a document, the status of the property, which is not how it was, and never will.

This is a hoax, which is not the first time we meet. Farming will not develop because there is no basis for the development, there is no land.

This is one of the first questions that we must address if we are to form the first democratic government in the country. "

The listener "Freedom" the Belarusian leader said statements in the Pripyat Reserve:

"Every day, our president is getting liberalneyshym and liberalneyshym.'s Already willing to sell the land, and, it seems, is not against the legalization of prostitution, according to his statement in the Pripyat Reserve. On that just is not going to fill up the budget!

And what attract tourists? Exit — meat. Meat and meat wild hand. And worse than the Belarusian Taek? Why do the rich Russians and Europeans fly to the other end of the world if things at hand. You'll see us go into the lead in sex tourism. And the currency will flow rivers in the state budget. "

Politician Ivashkevich soothes the listener. According to him, Belarus is impossible legal brothels:

"The legalization of prostitution is only possible if the economic liberalization. Under state can not dictate it. When Lukashenko thinks that this could be an additional source for the budget, it is futile hope, because no one will go to work in a public office".

Saying the state television programs:

"I want to ask a question. Lukashenko has long been leading the campaign, his speeches repeatedly duplicated on all channels. I would like to know if they show prospective presidential candidates and how much time they give to it. Longer possible to listen to what was going on TV" .

Our listener Nicholas from Minsk region was watching a story about the transfer of the Belarusian authorities and bus equipment for the Belarusian school in Latvia:

"The Belarusian authorities have presented the Latvian Belarusians equipment and materials for the Belarusian school. But it seems that the Belarusian authorities gave everything in the Russian school under the guise of Belarusian and Darke, and the receivers of gifts did not say even a single word in Belarusian, including the director of the school , the teacher and the Belarusian Minister of Education. Shame belarushchyny enemies! "

Call a resident of Brest that his city is allegedly no poor people, has caused a lot of calls. One of the students expressed a common position:

"The other day on your radio listener from Brest invited listeners to come to the heavenly Paul Brest and help find a beggar. Moreover, he referred to the luxury lodges that around Brest. Dear berastseets not out there looking for a beggar. He is near you. Ask the working man , a doctor, a teacher, a librarian, a pensioner, what their salaries, and compare them with prices in shops and markets. guess, you do not need any help in your quest. "

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