NO INTRIGUES growth compensate Effectiveness

Tournament intrigue in this match was not well, absolutely nothing. One team has already solved the problem in the season and advanced to the Premier League, the other poor guy definitely knows what next year will hold in the second division. So the fight is more suited status of the friendly sparring. That's just "Rostov", to his credit, treated essentially a meaningless game for him with all the responsibility. At the post-match press conference Oleg Dolmatov said: "On the set I told the players that need to play at full strength, no matter what. First of all — for the sake of the fans. Otherwise, no one on the football just will not go. " [Cut] In the end, the hosts on the courage opponent smashed to smithereens. Having won 6-0, Rostov repeated own achievement 14 years ago, when the same result overpowered "Baltika". Larger in the first division of the "yellow-blue" did not win. By the time the judge sent the team to break the gate "Mashuka" was visited by five goals. And the fans began to dream, if in the second half so it goes, do not wipe to ward Dolmatova to win double-digit account? But the hosts further limited to only one goal: Leather scathing attack bottom of a well struck free kick after a convoluted. But in the first half, the goalkeeper, "Mashuka" and only managed to pull the ball out of his goal. Home defeat put Akhmetovich the first who managed to finish off by a batted ball Kondratyuk. Ten minutes later, Rostov Bosnian descended miraculously Akimov, made a "double" — by the way, in the second match in a row. Next Gatskan, in response to the transfer of Denisova, irresistible blow brought the score to a major. Then Ivan, carrying a penalty from the flank, so artfully curled the ball that the one without touching anyone, flew into the net. Finally, four minutes before the break Gatskan ball in the net after a corner. The superiority of the team Dolmatova in the class was so obvious that about any decent resistance on the part of pyatigorchan not out of the question. Shaped happened mockery of one team over another! And this despite the fact that such problems with the composition as before the match with "Mashukov" Rostov team is perhaps not experienced throughout the season. Aspen and Slivich were disqualified Kulchiy and Hong Yong Jo had just returned from their teams and play in the starting line-up were simply not ready, and Gitselov Dyadyun injured (the latter — a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone). As a result Dolmatov decided to experiment by sending Kozhanova on the right flank of midfield and Denisova — replaced "opornika." It's good to finally recovered Astafev substitute in the second half. However, these difficulties did not prevent human "Rostov" to deal with the opponent, as they say, from the heart. Do the players' Mashuka "just dizzy from the fact that the owners got up on the field. This is not surprising: once again, the enemy forces were clearly not equal, since Rostov compete with 'heavyweight' guests from Pyatigorsk to date is simply unrealistic. [I] Victor Shpital'nik, "Football courier", "growth" — "Mashuk-KMV" (Pyatigorsk) — 6:0 (5:0) on October 17. Rostov-on-Don. Stadium "Olympus-2." 4000 spectators. Judges: Kharlamov (Moscow), A. Sulimov, V. Minevich (both — Smolensk). Inspector: Plotnikov (Volgograd). "Rostov": Gerus, Mogilev (Astafev, 77), Zivanovic, Shtaniuk, Circassian, leather, Denisov (Rogochiy 82), Gatskan, Zuev (Kulchiy, 60), Akhmetovich, Akimov (Hong Yong Jo, 60). Substitutes: Levitsky, Shabayev, Zivko. "Mashuk-KMV": Kondratjuk, Shevelev (Rozgon, 46), Sakhvadze, Gorbunov, Mullyar, Lepskiy, Gubliya, Mamta, Kirakosyan Gogberashvili (Alexeev, 57), Sargsyan. Spare: Slesarchuk. Goals: 1:0 — Akhmetovich (7), 2-0 — Akhmetovich (17), 3:0 — Gatskan (27), 4-0 — Ivan (32), 5:0 — Gatskan (41), 6-0 — Leather (73). Warning: Akhmetovich (6) Zivanovic (29), Gogberashvili (29), Lepskiy (65), Kulchiy (81), Rozgon (87), Gatskan (90), Gubliya (90). [/ I]

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