North Carolina took the first blows of Irene

As reported by vesti.ruHurricane "Irene" hit the U.S. East Coast. The first impact of elements met North Carolina. The storm has already caused landslides, 26,000 people were left without electricity. In the coming hours the hurricane gets to Maryland, New Jersey and New York. There began hasty evacuation — all plan to take out at least 2.5 million people. And all in a hazardous area can be up to 65 million Americans. Those who decided to stay after all, it is advised to buy products and to strengthen their homes.

The hurricane made landfall near Cape Lookout, bringing heavy rainfall and flooding threatening the nearby villages. Of these areas have already been evacuated several hundred thousand people. Lookout, by the way, is translated to English means "beware." Despite the fact that the hurricane weakened to the first category, it is, according to experts, is still very dangerous. According to forecasts of elements affect several major U.S. cities. In the danger zone may be up to 65 million Americans. And this means that the consequences will be very serious. In the combat readiness are more than 100 thousand soldiers of the National Guard. U.S. Defense Department has also prepared trucks with food, water, equipment and generators.

"I can not even say how important it is. If you were on the path of a hurricane, you should take immediate precautions. Do not wait, do not delay. We all hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. You have to listen to the that authorities say. If you will be ordered to evacuate, please obey this order, "- urged fellow U.S. President Barack Obama.

Now the wind speed at the center of "Irene" to 140 kilometers per hour. But, according to weather forecast, at any time, a hurricane can gain traction.

"It looks very impressive. Indeed, you see the power of nature. We can get the wind speed at the center up to 200-210 kilometers per hour or higher," — warns meteorologist John Sears.

In New York, stops public transport, including the Metro. At airports cancel flights. Many airlines have completely stopped flying in the region. Parks and beaches are empty metropolis.

"Today we have issued an edict, and I repeat the word mandatory evacuation for those New Yorkers, people in five districts, who live in the lowlands near the water," — said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"Irene" was the ninth hurricane in the Atlantic this season only. Usually during storms from June to November, their is no less than two dozen.

To date, the reputation of the most destructive hurricane to hold the "Katrina", it struck the southern coast of the United States in 2005. Hurricane awarded 4th hazard category. Then seriously affected the states of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. The worst damage was in New Orleans. He was almost completely under water. Killed more than 1,800 people, economic losses exceeded $ 100 billion.

But the most powerful hurricane of the twentieth century in the United States believe Galveston hurricane. In 1900, he hit the coast of Texas. Then killed more than eight thousand people.

As Obama said, "Irene" may well go down in history, at least on how to prepare for meetings of the hurricane. A mass evacuation in state history was only once — in 1999, when waiting for Tropical Storm "Floyd." Then, from the East Coast of the United States evacuated more than 3 million people.

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