North India covered the dust storm

According to Itar-NEWS, severe dust storm with rain and thunderstorms swept over the nearby areas of northern India. Element has claimed the lives of more than fifty people.

People died by trees felled by wind, falling from the weather or dilapidated buildings from lightning strikes. One tree in the county Siddhartnagar in Uttar Pradesh fell on a car with passengers ehavshimi the wedding. Eight people were killed immediately, write

The greatest impact of elements was in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, located east of Bihar, killing 30 people. Due to fallen trees disrupted transport in Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Bahraich, Sultanpur. Bad weather also caused damage to crops of wheat and mango.

Note that the unrest in other parts of the continent. A strong earthquake in Turkey. The disaster claimed the lives of several people. Number of aftershocks over 50, and the power of the former was 5.7 points.

The disaster occurred in the western part of Turkey — county Seaman, Kutahya province. From underground beats cracked window panes. As a result of the disaster, according to preliminary data, four people were killed and about 80 injured.

The county has no electricity, many dilapidated houses have been destroyed, and the surviving covered with cracks. Local residents mostly spent the night on the street for fear of further disasters. In the area of rescue workers deployed tents that can shelter the victims.

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