Norways moving hurricane

According to forecasts, on Thursday and Friday will cover hurricane west of the country — Vestlandet again expected storm and heavy rainfall.

Forecasters warned that the storm will score the maximum force on Friday — the day is not recommended to go to the sea because of high waves, according to ITAR-TASS.

Meanwhile, Norwegians still continue to suffer from the effects of hurricane "Berit" hit the country in late November.

The damage caused by Hurricane Norway "Berit", experts estimate at least 200 million euros (34 million dollars). Landslides in different parts of the country were blocked roads, flooded many houses in Lofoten fishing water washed away five houses, one of the islands — Veroy — was completely cut off from civilization since the catastrophe, destroyed the helicopter pad is located there.

Wind and high waves in the sea claimed pressed hay, boats, floating dock, in this regard, the police are called to be careful of all those who sail — both in small and in large vessels.

The area Eygersunna ended unsuccessfully search for two members of the crew of the film "The Twilight country", which a huge wave caused by a hurricane, swept right on the beach and took to the sea.

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