Not enough people or culture inteligentnastsi, annoying to look at it …

Mr."I do not seem to have very good relations with them. "Father," we have this, which can now only afford another tomorrow, he is a non-permanent. And it happens that all may know what nakasarezits … . "

Mr."This is politics and everyone is fighting for a place in this world. The fact that a state is oil, gas, and the other did not. That all started because of this, because one poor and the other rich. "

Mrs."I believe that our President is committed to maintaining a good relationship with the other presidents. Here in South America, it turns out it's better to do than to neighboring presidents. I am, in truth, I do not understand why he kept. Quarrel with them is not necessary, because we are building a union state. "

Girl"I would not say that the relationship is very bad, our presidents have always been friends and I think that this will continue."

Her friend"And I think that even make friends, and now easily express their personal views toward each other. It's a shame only thing to do is very incorrect. "

Mr."And God knows …".

Mr."In my opinion, Lukashenko has gone too far, and all the normal people in Belarus understand that 16 years — it is a bit too much. And we need is to find another manager who will manage our destinies in some other way and build relationships with their neighbors differently. You can not tease the "big brother" various antics, because if very frustrating, it will be worse for us. "

Mrs."I think the situation is such that they behave as if divided between the bone and pull it from each other. Can not decide who's in charge. "

Mrs."Not enough people or culture inteligentnastsi, annoying to look at it …".


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