Nutrition in Pregnancy

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Nutrition the mother during pregnancy can affect the health of the child. Monotonous, poor nutrition, Vitamin deficiency negatively affect the development of the baby and pregnancy. At the same time, the abuse of the expectant mother 'allergenic' foods (strawberries, oranges, chocolate, etc.) may contribute to the subsequent formation of a diathesis and atopic dermatitis in children.

The main provisions of a healthy diet

  • A pregnant woman should consume only high quality, environmentally friendly, natural products, balanced and full on the content of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Food should be as varied, i.e. innutrition expectant mother should include all food groups.
  • Give preference to food naturally occurring before industrial and commercial, artificial.
  • In the process of food preparation should follow the rule most gentle heat treatment (to steam, zaparivat in a thermos, put out in a tightly sealed container over a low heat, oven-roasted).
  • It is possible to eliminate any and canned foods containing preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, etc..
  • Cut down (in the case of allergic diseases in mothers — to refuse) consumption food-allergens (Strawberry, orange, chocolate, etc.).
  • Food should be chewed well — it will help her digestion, ease digestion. If food chewed for a long time, it enters the stomach is not too cold or hot, with perfect temperature.
  • Adhere to the principle of fractional power — there should be more common, but little by little. This not only allows you to control weight gain, to absorb the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals from food, as well as facilitate its digestion. It is not recommended to have a feeling of complete saturation, and even more so for two.
  • From time to time observe the fasting days, particularly in overweight and a big weight gain. Created a lot of options for handling days (apple, cottage cheese, kefir, etc.). Talk to your gynecologist, it will provide you with more detailed information about nutrition on these days and tell you the best options. After the discharge of the day it is desirable to have only a light meal (cereal on the water, boiled vegetables).

What products should be in the diet of pregnant

  • Milk products: cheese, yogurt, kefir.
  • Fish, meat and seafood.
  • Cereals (especially buckwheat, oats) — a source of essential micronutrients.
  • Fruits and vegetables — preferably growing in the same climatic zone. (For large weight gain limit the bananas and nuts).
  • Dried fruits — raisins, dried apricots, prunes, figs, dates.
  • Vegetable oil (predominantly — olive) is not less than 2-3 tablespoons a day.
  • Sweets, fresh bread and flour products is desirable to limit.

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