Of midges in Tambov killed livestock

In late April and early May in Tambov in smallholdings was registered mass death of livestock.

Total killed 79 goals. Most of all fallen animals Pichaevskom area — 20 goals. Head of the Department of Veterinary E. Prilepsky believes that it is caused by the attack on the cows midges, which is bound into the eyes, nostrils and ears of animals. It emits toxic saliva that causes the deadly infectious disease.

This year, more than ever, it is noted the rapid proliferation of mosquitoes. This is due to turbulent and abnormally hot spring. In the lowlands still retains moisture, and the yard is a thirty-heat. The ideal conditions for its existence. And the gnats can give offspring to three times per season.

Depending on the extent of affected animals can fall in a day or two, if time does not conduct preventive and curative measures.

If you've been paying attention to the fact that the cow dog-sick, I immediately need to contact your local veterinarian. E. Prilepsky advised for some time to restrict grazing in the morning and evening, when the midges most aggressive. Animals must be processed by special preparations against mosquitoes.

In the previously noted similar cases. Do not panic.

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