Olympic Park test wheelchair users.

Stadiums Olympic Park are tested for accessibility. Sochi residents with disabilities tested how new arenas are convenient for travel on wheelchairs.

Residents resort visited the Ice Palace "Big." This stadium, built to order "Olympstroy", in 2014, will take the main hockey games and tens of thousands of fans from around the world. Design and construction of the arena was met with all the requirements of the International Paralympic Committee. Accessibility is set up at all levels, starting from the input of the group.

Participants of the trip up to the stylobate to the main entrance to the palace for a special lift. They then examined the circular arena lobby, made without doors and thresholds, as well as ample ramps, non-slip textured floor, leading to the auditorium. In the stands for spectators in wheelchairs are four spacious grounds for comfortable viewing of matches.

Participants of the trip tested not only on the availability of the Olympic facilities, but also the buses arrived at the resort for the Games in 2014. The delivery of limited mobility to the Olympic facilities meet the specialized vehicles equipped with lifting devices for wheelchairs, Braille displays and special buttons "call the driver." The city has already received 28 such machines. Total for the transport of people with limited mobility in 2014, will employ more than 300 special buses.

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