Olympic Ski Area Rose Farm

"The most important sports facility Sochi-2014 should be recognized ski resort" Rose Farm. "There will be played 30 sets of medals in 15 disciplines. It includes a ski center, a snowboard park, freestyle center and a mountain Olympic village. After the Games resort be able to offer tourists many ski trails with a total length of about 80 kilometers with a capacity of 10 thousand people a day. "

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If you're ever in the vicinity of Sochi, be sure to visit Krasnaya Polyana and in particular ski resort "Rose Farm". You can get there by car or tour bus, and soon will be walking and high-speed trains from Sochi, Adler, and the airport. The complex area encompasses approximately 1,800 acres of slopes of the Aibka, rising from the river Mzimta, with a mark of 575 meters above sea level, up to the top of the ridge near Mount stone pillar to the level of 2320 meters above sea level. Resort "Rose Farm" — one of the largest of the 2014 Olympics. The resort has a ski center, a snowboard park, freestyle center and a mountain Olympic village. 

01. "Rose Farm" is one of the tuning-Olympic facilities and has already started to pay off.

02. On the lower cable car station located equipment rental, storage, instructors service, parking and catering.

03. Hotels on the River Mzimta.

04. In general it is better to come here without an organized tour, so take your time and see everything thoroughly. Exhibition of photographs.

05. Many photographers and foreigners.

06. In December 2010 there were put into service 4 lifts: Olympia (560 m — 1150 m above sea level), the forest reserve (1150-1340m), Caucasian Express (1340-2320m) — all three successive gondola, lift shestikreselny Wolf The Rock (940-1360 m). The total length of currently valid trails 38 km, including the Olympics — 9 km. About 50 hectares of slopes are equipped with artificial snow. Involved in the preparation of slopes 12 snow grooming machines, the number of which by the end of the project is expected to increase to 32. In the photo we see the beginning of the ski lift "Olympia".

07. The central building with a clock on the tower.

08. The scheme constructed and built ski runs and ski lifts. The design of the ski slopes engaged renowned skier, Olympic champion in 1972 in the downhill, the architect of the slopes of the International Ski Federation, Bernard Russi. According to the multiple Olympic champion and world champion, IOC representative Jean-Claude Killy downhill Rose Farm is the best in the world.

09. So, go up to the top by cable car. Fun is not cheap, but worth it.

10. Now the cost of lift is 850 rubles. per person. Ride between stations are direct to the evening.

11. From above clearly shows that around a bustling construction site.

12. Partly height cable car is very decent, scary at first, but then you get used to.

13. Cab gondola transparent on all sides, the visibility is good.

14. Coming up on the mountain Olympic village being built.

15. The village is situated at an altitude of 1100 meters and will accommodate 2,600 people.

16. For the athletes who will compete in alpine sports, snowboarding and freestyle importance of living at the same altitude, where competitions are held.


18. Make a change to the line "forest reserve"

19. At the transfer station has a cafe and viewing platforms.

20. We rise above.

21. I noticed that all poles hanging signs "Skado Samara." Googling turns Samara is a large company specializing in the design and manufacture of cable cars "turnkey". Nice to see something familiar in a given :)

22. Huge white pile under the film — is the storage of snow.


24. Another change to the line "Caucasian Express" and we go up to the top of the mountain Aibka.

25. We go to the low clouds, incredible feeling.



28. After the Olympic Winter Games will be available at the resort ski slopes with a total length of about 100 km. Their diversity in the degree of complexity can choose to ride in accordance with the preparation.

29. On the tops of boiling building.

30. The highest point of lift — 2320 m

31. You can walk around the perimeter of the observation deck and enjoy the views. It is cool, is not superfluous to bring a sweater or sweatshirt.

32. Around the stunted alpine vegetation

33. Ancient rock, wrapped up the clouds.

34. Beauty around






40. The endless expanse.

41. In the mountains, the weather changes quickly, the clouds passed and the sun was shining.


43. At the bottom is visible under construction mountain Olympic village.


45. Another scenery.



48. A trip on the cable car will not leave anyone indifferent. If you have time, you can go up and down before closing. The whole climb takes about 35 minutes.

49. Construction equipment hard at such steep serpentines.

50. Went down.

51. You can see the new w / w station and other Olympic venues.

52. It is remarkable that in our country there was and continues to build such a huge ski resort of international level.

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