Omsk scientists have created a new standard of communication

Omsk radio engineers have created a new communication standard to work with top-secret data, and in extreme climatic conditions. The project is called "The Antarctic is a classic for the global market," but the authors warn of hardware and software will not replace, but rather complement the already well-known system of mobile and internet connection.

These frames are made by participants in an international research expedition in Antarctica. But particularly proud of their viewing is not biologists and geographers, and radio engineers. This is a slideshow of the first transferred to the mainland of the permafrost zone.

It tells the specialist industrial association — Alexander Samgin, before video is not passed, then later brought photos, documents dictated by the usual voice radio channels.

Modems, laptops and radio stations to operate in extreme conditions, specialists of the plant protection from vibration, radiation and exposure to extremely low and extremely high temperatures. They can skzaat, changed everything for chips wrote new programs which, of course, kept secret, boards covered with a special varnish that will not crack when it freezes. And even the materials for housing have taken other — have refused from the popular plastic.

Ordinary cell phone enough to be in the area of magnetic radiation or the cold of minus 20 degrees. After five minutes, it will be too late to save — you can go to the store for a new one. For the special protection of communications Omsk radio engineers materials borrowed from the defense industry, and have built into the body of the PCB boards very high strength.

The new equipment can operate smoothly at sixty degrees — as both heat and cold, and transmit the signal from the man-made disaster. We exclude the leakage of information. Details of the transmitter are made of expensive material, all data is encrypted at high speed — the coding can be replaced several times during a conversation.

"It is a new communication standard. This eco-friendly standard of communication than can boast of GSM and other alternative. This year, we will sign a contract with one of the largest operators in Hong Kong, "- said the deputy director general of Public Relations — Sergey Demensky.

The new communication standard called HPIP, except scientists in Antarctica are used in government agencies — the information is protected from spies and terrorists. But the crowd out of the market familiar communications developers are not going. They are more compact, easier to use and are much cheaper.

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