Omsk scientists have developed a window solar panels

Small innovative enterprise "Modern Power System" at the Omsk State University named after FM Dostoevsky (Omsk State University) presented at the exhibition "VTTV-Omsk-2011" design that allows apartment building window can be turned into a solar cell generates electricity power up to 100 watts, said on Wednesday the press service of the regional government.

The basis of the development of photographic plates are covered by amorphous silicon on a "supersonic flow of plasma in a vacuum." Such plates, generates electricity, can be applied to window glass.

"The usual apartments window on a sunny day will provide electricity to the device power up to 100 W," — the report says.
According to the press service, the cost per watt of solar-generated window battery is four times less than traditional solar panels. The work was financed from own funds of Omsk State University and by grants from corporations, LG (Korea) and Rostgroop (Taiwan). At present, the company's employees create prototypes of products.

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