Omsk surgeons first in the Urals had surgery to repair the liver

Omsk surgeons performed a unique surgery to repair the liver. After surgery internal organ that was hit by 80%, it was possible to save. This is the first such operation in the Urals. The revolutionary spirit techniques that diseased liver after surgery doctors began to regenerate healthy cells, that is, to restore itself.

This patient had no idea that the hike in the woods for her could end so sadly. Alveococcosis, was diagnosed by doctors. "Disease hunters," called her doctors, the person is transferred from wild animals.

Natalia KEDO resident of Omsk: "We always when picking berries, eat a berry. Somewhere fox has left its mark, and this stick has got into the body."

In a study of doctors pronounced — in a short time, was struck by a liver infection by 80 percent. The disease occurs as a malignancy that could give metastases to other organs. The operation was imminent, but what? 

Vladimir Shutoff, director of the West Siberian Medical Center FMBA of Russia, the surgeon of the highest category, "Do not be a conventional operation. We'll see after the surgery that the patient has liver failure. Remnant liver is simply not enough to provide the function of the whole body."

Surgeons decided to go on a two-stage surgery. The body was divided into the border between healthy and diseased parts. Both left in the abdominal cavity. In this case, the affected part of the liver blood flow is stopped and transferred to a healthy, leaving the arterial blood supply. Due to this manipulation healthy balance must regenerate itself. 14 days, doctors and patient expected result.

Since the first phase of the operation was two weeks. During this time, the healthy part of the liver, which was separated from the affected surgeons increased by almost a factor of 2 and is able to take on the function of the organ.

Affected part of the body of surgeons simply removed. In fact, doctors have used a partial transplant in stored blood. Technically very difficult, and the first in the Urals operation was successful.

Eugene Podolsky, head of portal hypertension West Siberian Medical Center FMBA of Russia: "Life is patient quality, we are neither of which disability is not, after a while it will come back, and will do their usual work, raise grandchildren."

The study of hepatic blood flow Omsk doctors involved for over 15 years, the experiments were carried out on laboratory animals. Now, confidently say, the next step will be to transplantation.

Svetlana Aksenov

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