Omsk surgeons have performed six thousandth open heart surgery

6000-th operation to "open heart" in cardiopulmonary bypass in cardiac surgery department conducted Regional Hospital.

In the cardiac surgery department Bouzou "Regional Hospital" was held six thousandth operation to "open heart" in cardiopulmonary bypass. 52 year old patient, a resident of the city of Omsk admitted for treatment in the cardiac surgery department with severe pathology of the heart.

The patient was performed a high-tech operation to replace the two damaged valves with artificial prostheses and simultaneously performed coronary artery bypass graft surgery. At present, the patient goes through the stage of rehabilitation, feels good and is ready to be discharged.

In the regional clinical hospital for plastic surgery first septal defect of the heart under extracorporeal circulation was held November 30, 1983.

According to the head of the cardiac surgery department bureau VI Tsekhanovich, over the past few years after the first operation, the unique experience of heart surgery — thousands and thousands of lives saved our countrymen, adults and children.

VI Tsehanovich also noted that the origins of this difficult treatment were the organizers of the health of the Omsk region V.K.Storozhenko, AG Malihin, scientists Omsk Medical Academy, Academy of Medical Sciences LV Polouektov, Professor VA Samoilov, doctors: RE Patser, OA Prokhorov, Yavlinsky Lepikhina, NP Korchagin EP Morozova et al

Today, cardiac surgery department — is a modern multi-purpose center with high-tech equipment and highly qualified specialists. The department employs 11 physicians with the highest qualification category, two MD, 5 candidates of medical sciences, three Honorary Doctor of Russia.

Each year, the department conducted more than 500 operations in the "open heart" in cardiopulmonary bypass and an absolute majority of patients return to a normal life.

Supervises a team of Branch MD, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation V. Tsehanovich.

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