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Photo report of Fame Stepanova

Omsk is located in Western Siberia to the confluence of the Om and the Irtysh. Founded in 1716. The city's population is 1.2 million people. The length of Omsk along the Irtysh River — about 40 km. Basically, on this route and flew our helicopter …

Street Maslennikov

Center of Omsk.
Theatre Square, and Musical Theatre

Cathedral of the Assumption
In the foreground, the building of the Government of Omsk Region

Quay Tukhachevskogo
The restored gates of the former fortress of Omsk

Frunze street, passing the bridge of the 60th anniversary of Victory

Bridge them. 60th anniversary of the Komsomol

Buchholz Area
Hotel "Mayak" river station, hotel "Tourist" and a building which in 1919 was the residence of Admiral Kolchak.

Victory Boulevard

South Bridge

Ice Palace "Arena Omsk"
Since 2007 the holding home matches hockey team, "Vanguard".

On the territory of the Omsk Shipyard

District "Yasnaya Polyana"

Cottage settlement "Green Valley"

It appears, on the Irtysh river towboats operated wheel!
In fact, it is not yet 30.

In conclusion, several species from the roof of a building in the center of Omsk:

Theater Square

Street Gagarin Komsomolsk bridge

Lenin Street

Musical theater

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