OMZ-Special Steels is commissioning mechanical turner shells

The device can turn over shell diameter of 5.5 m and a height of 6 m and weighing up to 250 tons forged shell, made by OMZ-Special Steels, Izhorskiye used by plants for the production of such critical equipment as nuclear reactors and petrochemical vessels.

Turner is a mechanical device weighing 62 tons to perform operations on products with tilting rotation axis (axes) at 90 °. Turner required for the work of two new lathes HNK vertical lathes g / n 200 tons, will be installed in the second quarter of this year.
Design, supply and installation of mechanical tilting shells performed of "VZMEO." Total investments amounted to 25 million rubles.

For the production of large-size nuclear and petrochemical equipment in 2012 OMZ-Special Steels mastered the production technology of hollow ingots and twice increased the length of shells ("dual" shells). This allows not only to reduce the cost of producing the body of equipment for nuclear power plants and oil by saving metal and reduce the number of welds in the product, but also significantly improves the reliability and operation period.
The introduction of new equipment for the production of large shells is part of an integrated project "Development of machining capacity OMZ Special Steels on the basis of shop number 66." This project will enable the company to supply our customers with a fine steel billet treatment, almost ready to make further welding operations.

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