On Earth, began to occur more earthquakes

According to the publication Guardianlv, data for December 2012 indicate an increase in size and a significant increase in the frequency (magnitude 5.5 +) earthquakes on our planet. This statement is confirmed by the statistics of the U.S. Geological Survey website (USGS), which speaks of the increasing frequency of earthquakes.

These trends suggest that the earthquakes began to occur at shallower depth, moving closer to the surface. Small earthquakes are associated with the accumulation of stress occur along fault lines. The waves from earthquakes propagate at large distances, causing new earthquake. In part, this explains the growth in their numbers.

According to some scholars, increasing the frequency of earthquakes is closely linked to the growing number of devices for fixing the set on the planet. This gives a great sensitivity of the power and refinement of tremors beneath the surface of the earth. However, current graphics show an increase of earthquakes. It should be noted that the Richter scale for earthquakes power estimation based on ten logarithms. And the fact that the population of the world has increased, explains the data that more and more people are affected by such events.

According to the publication Inside Costa Rica, one of the regions where there is a growth in the number of earthquakes, it is Costa Rica.

According to the Observatory of Seismology and Volcanology, Costa Rica (OVSICORI), after the last earthquake of 7.6 points, which occurred Sept. 5, 2012, the country registered the high level of seismic activity for the last 62 years. The strongest earthquake in the country's history has occurred in 1950, his power was 7.8 points. In 2012, in the same area tremors reached strength at 7.6 points. According OVSICORI, after September 5 in the country was another 75 earthquakes. They feel everyone in the country for four months.

In total for 2010 was 6245 earthquake, 2011 — 5438 and for the year 2012 was 11,049 earthquakes.

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