On Gomelsteklo — New General

The head of state agreed to the appointment of Sergei Kovalev General Director of JSC "Gomelsteklo." Appointee so far was the first deputy chairman of the Gomel City Executive Committee, and even served as chairman of the year. He was responsible for capital construction, zemlevparadkavannya and road safety in the city.

During the appointment of a new head of the "Gomelsteklo" Alexander Lukashenko stated that this section "a difficult and stressful," but the company "good prospects" — the demand for its products will constantly.

Former General Director of JSC "Gomelsteklo" Yuri Iliev was detained KGB in Last year, at the end of May. He was suspected of receiving a large bribe from commercial entities for allegedly favorable resolution of issues related to sales of products. After he filed against another criminal case under Article 424 — abuse of authority or official. The company has found evidence of an inefficient use of funds, which were sent in the framework of the investment project to build the production of polished glass.

However, in August Mogilev Regional Court acquitted Yuri Ilieva in full. The court of first instance, he won, but lost his job completely. Exactly to this appointment "Gomelsteklo" was not a full-fledged director general — there was only the executor of his debts.


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