On Japan Hurricane Talas

Because of the powerful typhoon "Talas" raging in southern Japan, canceled about 300 flights, the population is affected. According to the latest data provided by local authorities, in several southern prefectures of the country's three people were missing, and more than 20 were injured, there were disruptions in ground transportation.

There are currently 12 th in a row vetom typhoon season is very close to the peninsula Muroto on Shikoku. In this area are already heavy rains that caused flooding and landslides. As noted by the national meteorological office, it is expected that the rainfall in the country will go to Tuesday. Catastrophe, created a threat to many areas on the east and west coast of the island of Honshu. By the Government started evacuation of residents over 30 million homes.

Authorities urged people to observe extra caution near water, where possible sharp rise in water level due to rains and mountain roads where the danger of landslides. Special precautions are taken in the Tohoku region hit by the Great vostochnoyaponskogo March 11 earthquake — now there under reconstruction, including the emergency plant "Fukushima-1", ITAR-TASS reported.


MOSCOW, September 3 — RIA Novosti. One person was killed, 36 injured in struck on Saturday at the Japanese island of Shikoku, the typhoon "Talas", TV channel NHK.

Police said in a storm five people missing.

Wind gusts at the center of the typhoon reached 108 kilometers per hour. The cyclone is moving towards the north, accompanied by heavy rains. In areas of Tottori Prefecture recorded up to 80 inches of precipitation.

In some areas, not no risk of landslides.

In July, the Shikoku dropped record rainfall from a passing typhoon "Ma-on" injured 16 people.

Typhoon "Talas" is moving in the direction of the Russian Far East. Maritime Rescue workers warned on the eve of local government, business leaders, life support on the approach to the region of a powerful cyclone, accompanied by heavy rain and storm wind.


A day "Talas" strike the Primorsky

A day later a powerful typhoon "Talas" closer to the Primorsky Krai. ITAR-TASS referring to the boundary Weather Center reports that by Primorye typhoon approaches the night of 4 to 5 September. It will pass through the central districts of the region, moving towards Khabarovsk and will cause heavy rains in the eastern half of the region, very strong. It is expected an increase in wind up to 25 m / s, and on the coast — up to 30 m / s.

"In any case, the effects of the typhoon will be unpleasant for the Primorye Territory -" Talas "to powerful typhoons, its significant precipitation zone, it is expected up to 150 mm of precipitation, wind speed can reach 30 m / s", — the chief meteorologist seaside Boris Cuba. However, he assured, catastrophic effects would be expected — this is due to the fact that the soil is dry, and the rivers dry. So do not be afraid of floods.

Throughout the Maritime region declared a storm warning. MOE forces alerted. Residents and visitors of the edge is recommended to postpone trips outside the settlements, hunting and fishing, and an advance supply of necessary food and medicine.


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