On Russia come from the north?

On Russia come from the north?Last week, in the Norwegian town of Buda was a meeting of representatives of the military departments in the Nordic countries: specifically, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland. Because Iceland has its own ministry of defense not, this country was represented by a bureaucrat in charge of the role of the North Atlantic alliance. The meeting was devoted to Arctic security, which the emerging new girl is going to play five important role.

But if we talk about security in general, as well as on the Arctic security, namely, from a military point of view, then there is, accordingly to keep in mind the presence of the subsequent issues: security, excuse me, from whom? ..

Let's try to analyze, who can be a possible opponent, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland in the Arctic region. For this purpose, the initial step rather refer to the map, which will pronounce that the output specific to the Arctic region, other than those designated 5 countries or their "foreign" territories (by the way, Finland may be a stretch to call the state having territorial contact with the Arctic) have countries such as the United States, Canada, and our homeland.

It turns out that it is necessary to find the source of the threat to the northern designated five among these 3 countries. Let's go in order.
Room first — the USA. But how can one be dangerous country For other country, if by definition they are allies, not enough consisting of one military unit. It is a question of such countries as Norway, Iceland and Denmark, which are made in NATO, together with the same "potentially dangerous" Yankees. Well, not so long ago, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Norway and proposed to strengthen partnerships for joint confrontation of some danger in the Arctic region. It turns out that the U.S. is the number of unsafe states for the five listed above falls.

No. 2nd — Canada. Here the situation is completely similar to the previous one. Canada, like the United States, is an active member of NATO, and therefore is unlikely to be considered by European northerners as potentially scary regional player. Even if we talk about Finland and Sweden, which are now in NATO are not included, it is unlikely that they are ready to go to the designated tight military rapprochement with the same Iceland, Norway and Denmark for some ghostly Canadian danger. It turns out that Canada is not necessary.

Maybe northerners are going to fight against terrorism. Since terrorism in the Arctic — it's so far, thank God, exotic. If we talk about the manifestations of this, it really comes to mind is that the sovereign Breivik which, however, during the bombings and massacres ruled not capture the goals of the Arctic, with its rich natural resources. Well, "Al-Qaeda" with the "Taliban" arctic evident in the region as its own operational purposes are not considered …

It turns out that the obvious way of working mathematical exceptions which brings us to the next conclusion: the Nordic countries can begin to military and political integration with a single purpose — the designation Russian Federation as the only likely potential enemy in the region. With all of this in countries such as Norway or Finland to the Russian Federation is the typical territorial claims, which expressed if and the authorities of these countries, the representatives of different political forces, which is quite a strong position in the local parliaments.

For example, Norway has finished with some arrange some items of so-called Spitsbergen Treaty. Under this agreement, the reference 1920 arctic Svalbard archipelago geographically belongs to Norway, but all member countries of the contract have the right to conduct its business in this terrible land. Who is eligible for an economic activity on Svalbard is not only Norway itself, and our homeland (USSR joined the treatise in the middle 30's), and several other countries in the 10-s. On the real moment of Svalbard only the Russian Federation and Norway have their actives sites.

Last year, after the Russian project for the development of Svalbard and the beginning of its implementation of the Oslo heard word of protest. It was then for the first time the topic of Arctic security has caught the sharp features. Of course, the Norwegian authorities decided to just completely lay their hands on Svalbard, and so obviously in the Russian draft did not fit into their plans. Without the help of other anti-Russian provocations Norway hardly dare, because for now it basically assembled a team of "like-minded", which under the mottos of Arctic security can push the initiative to abolish the provisions on equal economic activity on Svalbard. Certainly, many of these "like-minded", in fact, do not care that there on this remote archipelago is going on, but that Norway has, after all, and more than there is a meaningful argument. The argument is, to paraphrase the words of the famous Russian movie, it looks like this: will not work — will block oil and gas. After all, Norway — is the main resource base for the whole of Northern Europe.

On Russia come from the north?

Finland, despite the quite outside political calm, the mouth of Right Forces, said it was time to raise the question of the status of Karelia. And although there is a long way to the Arctic, but who in the end will determine the distance from Petrozavodsk to the Arctic ice with a ruler on a map. The main thing — to make the case, and there are loud identify their concerns. There are countries in the world that any stringent requirements for RF perceived as a balm for the soul, and therefore both hands ready to assist the country, make a claim to help.

It would seem that the other five states to the north of the Russian Federation do not have huge claims, but it is in fact not the case. If consider Sweden, then pops to the surface scandal which 4 years back erupted after the publication on the notorious website WikiLeaks. The scandal erupted after expressions Bjorn Lirvalla Swedish diplomat as saying that that the West needs more support Medvedev, so he strengthened the position to the detriment of Putin got into the press. In addition, after the Russian-Georgian military conflict is very intense Swedish authorities argued about Russian "aggression in Georgia" and that this anger threatens the West, indirectly calling for action to neutralize the Russian "threat." Not enough of neutral Sweden is increasingly declares that sees its forthcoming development in active cooperation with NATO.

For Denmark, too, at the official Russian authorities also have their own issues. Take, for hosting the so-called World Chechen Congress, which brought together all the terrorist, "raspberry", whose members were at one time declared in the international wanted list. With all of this Danish authorities have stated that the Congress — an informal event that they can not deny. However, the explanation as to why the Danish countryside on freely moving people accused of international terrorism, I have not received.

Even Icelan
d is not a state, finding that in this typical list of allies against the threat of phantasmagoric Arctic raises many questions. Apparently, Reykjavik decided to recall a situation in which our home at one time made the final decision to refuse to grant a loan of 500 million dollars to save the economy. Then the argument Moscow said that she is having difficulty with the implementation of the budget. It turns out that Russia, as they say, is not given and forgotten, and Reykjavik has not received and held malehankih Nordic evil.

Here is a selected a top five "defenders" in the Arctic, we are not far when considering there are other interests in his own sudden approximation of the declaration of a very obscure slogans …

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