On Sberbanks net profit fell one-third of all Russian banks

The Central Bank of Russia has provided, for the first quarter of 2012, the official report, which indicated a net profit of all banks in the country amounted to 267.9 billion rubles. Income has increased by 25 percent when compared to the same time last year.

From the data of the Central Bank that the Savings Bank, the largest financial organizations in the country, the net profit of 35 percent. According to Sberbank, its profit rose by 16 percent during the quarter and is about one hundred billion. Of operating banks in the country found that only 881 financial institutions in the first quarter brought a profit, 94 were unprofitable.

Also, the statistics of the Central Bank for the quarter was recorded an increase of one percent of the number of deposits. This increase was in March, and at the beginning of the year were reduced deposits. The volume of loans grew by 6.2 percent, much faster than the increase contributions. For the year 2011

Sberbank was able to make a profit was a record for the whole of the Russian banking system, would amount to more than 300 billion rubles. With this measure of Sberbank was in one list with the most profitable banks in the world. The plans of the financial institution to earn in 2012.

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