On the 1st of September


Mr. Orlov! New academic year begins. Do you remember your school 1st September?

Of course I do. However, my memories probably will seem not quite typical.

Every year the solemn meeting on September 1, our headmistress well-modulated voice said the same thing once memorized speech. It has always featured a special phrase: "The year-on-year harasheet matseryalna-technical base of our school."

In junior high, these words were to me is mysterious. They were like magic formulas of our children to play. Well, something like: "Eryk-moryki, pickup-trykapu, gasped Mahal, pour, pour …"

Over the years, the meaning of sacramental phrase became clearer and more at the same time acquired fresh unexpected hues. As philosophers would say, there were additional connotations. But this line of decorated pershaverasnevskuyu hilarious incident.

It seems, then I went to the seventh grade. Our holiday was build a new student — repetition recidivist Bob Shumsky. I remember that he was above all of us to kiss my red head.

Now the window of my hometown schools are looking at very different sites.

So, when the headmistress said loudly: "The year-on-year harasheet matseryalna-technical base of our school," Bob is not less loudly and cheerful shouted: "Especially in Nina Morozova" director took language. High school students laughed. Physical education teacher twisted his ear and pulled Shumsky bully somewhere behind the school.

Apparently, in my heart I was a bully, as this September 1 of the most memorable.

What else do you remember?

I was in the 1st Polotsk high school. At first, she was still known and Stalin. In the window of our 1st, then the 2nd "A" best friend looked monument of Soviet children. But one day in early 1960 just in the first days of September to the monument drove a tractor. In the eyes of our neck of the leader threw a loop of steel wire rope …

Now the window of my hometown schools are looking at very different sites. And today, I quietly envy the boy who goes around with a bouquet of roses bronze Useslaw Wizard, Euphrosyne and Simeon, and out onto the avenue Skarina …

Congratulations to all the listeners of "Freedom" from the start of the new school year! Learning is never too late.

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