On the Admiral Kuznetsov began combat training flights of Su-33

On the "Admiral Kuznetsov" began combat training flights of Su-33According to ITAR-TASS news agency, citing a statement by Vadim Sergi (SF spokesman, Captain 1st rank), on aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier-based pilots have begun training and combat missions.
Vadim Earring commented: "The moment of landing and take-off from the cruiser, which resides in the north-eastern Atlantic, and is headed by aircraft carrier naval group practiced seasoned pilots deck."

Also, Captain 1st Rank said: "In this long march from the deck of an aircraft carrier was first raised fighter Su-33, which was run by Colonel Nikolai Deriglazov (squadron commander). A first fighter landing on the deck of time, when Colonel N. Deriglazov working out the essential elements of acrobatics was performed by Colonel Paul Podguzovym (deputy commander of the naval fighter aviation regiment of naval aviation SF). "

It is clear that the said training flights were launched on December 18 (Sunday) after a suitable weather conditions.

According to a representative SF in the coming thing time marine pilots want to continue to develop the deck of aircraft carrier, being in the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, except for fighters, professionalism will also sharpen shipborne helicopters and pilots based both on cruisers and other warships mezhflotskoy ship group. This is a large anti- ship SF "Admiral Chabanenko" and the watchdog ship Baltic Fleet, "Yaroslav the Wise."

B. Earring noted that for all time CAG hike helicopter pilots have already flown to commit 5. "The whole campaign CAG aims to combat this study our carrier-based aircraft, which will operate in different weather zones of the oceans."

So, on December 16 CAG finished resupplying food and water in the Moray Firth, which is located a little north-east of Britain, and on the same day went to the chosen route towards the Mediterranean Sea.

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