On the arms of the 58th Army received about 2 million new jet RPO PDM-A

On the arms of the 58th Army received about 2 million new jet RPO PDM-A

In the 2nd half of 2011 troops 58th Army arrived about 2 thousand new sverhdalnoboynyh jet RPO PDM-A, said the Group of information support of the Southern Military Area.
Compared with its predecessor (jet flamethrower RPO-D "Bumblebee"), PDM-A has a number of advantages, including over-capacity and increased almost twice firing range.

Rocket infantry flamethrower PDM-A has the highest firing range of more than 1700 m, the sighting — up to 800 m Flamethrower shown to be effective and reliable at the time of the operation to force Georgia to peace.

The ability of these flamethrowers were shown at the demonstration exercises on the range Shalhi spice of the radiation, chemical, biological protection (NBC) 58th Army of the Southern Military Area.

In the process of training military personnel worked through issues of conducting radiological, chemical and biological reconnaissance, radiological and chemical control, producing special handling of weapons, equipment, aerosol (smoke) concealment of troops and objects disinfected terrain.

Shred new weapons in the parts of NBC 58th Army now risen to 30%. In the future, the scheduled delivery to the troops flamethrowers thermobaric warheads at undermining the momentum of which is accompanied by a high-pressure drop, as new, modern machines radiological, chemical, bio-prospecting RHM 6.

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