On the arms of the Caspian flotilla entered the complex Bal-E

On the arms of the Caspian flotilla entered the complex "Bal-E"

Formed in the division this year, coastal missile forces CFLs (Caspian Flotilla) received on armament new mobile coastal missile complex (DBK) 'Bal-E ".

The press service of the Southern Military neighborhood told that spices factory JSC "Scientific and Production Enterprise Kaluga Instrument plant "Typhoon" at the moment is setting radar equipment, and the reduction of all parts of a complex control system in a network.

Mobile DBK "Bal-E" with The Kh-35 was developed in the late 1990s, commissioned by the Russian Navy.

On armament DBK was in 2008. Officers coastal missile division in the CFL in 2011 were trained management of the new missile system for special courses by the manufacturer.

Complex "Bal-E" in its composition has: a self-propelled command post, a self-propelled launcher, transport and handling machines and machine communication (of 11 emergency vehicles).

"Bal-E" is capable of hitting targets at any time of the day in a variety of weather criteria at a range of 120 km. Time to bring the complex to combat readiness is 10 minutes. Progress in store mobile coastal missile system — 850 km. Ammunition is 64 rockets in one salvo can be 32 missiles.

The firepower of the complex puzzle can rip a big battle ship strike group, amphibious troop convoy or potential enemy. The main feature of the complex — the possibility of placing on sheltered positions launchers at a distance from the coast and 10 km.

Missilemen of the new complex in the subsequent school year to be done at least three rocket launch on training surface targets.

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