On the birthday of Lukashenko engaged potatoes

Despite the Company's private celebration, Alexander Lukashenko inspektavav Gomel Region. Visiting Mozyr district, he has focused on food security. According to Lukashenko, against the unsatisfactory situation in the world market country to increase exports of agricultural products:

"People do not have enough to eat, and this is a chance for us." The Head of State ordered the agricultural sector to clearly define the next five years with specific partners and customers. In this case, He said, need to click first on the potatoes, return to that This year, be 100%, "Even Refining does not give a margin" — summed up Lukashenko. But you need to install a "harsh dictatorship of technology."

Lukashenko also visited Mozyr refinery. It was a question of increasing the volume of deliveries to specialized enterprises in Mozyr and Novopolotsk Venezuelan oil — from 4 million tons in This year, up to 8 million tons next year and up to 10 million — in 2012. By the way, unlike the potato, in January-July, return on sales at the Mozyr refinery amounted to only 2%.

The official media did not report in inspektavanyh organizations congratulated the honored guest. There is evidence that Lukashenko himself quite restrained subordinates perceive attempts to bring him expensive gifts or to confess to a special devotion. The absence of "pravadyrskih ambitions" Lukashenko said during a public speech:

Once you see that you are beginning to look in your mouth and sing songs of praise — all tube. Tomorrow the country will collapse …

"As soon as you see that you are beginning to look in your mouth and sing songs of praise — all tube. Tomorrow the country will collapse … That, my portraits and slogans dazzled the capital and other cities of the country? Myasnikovich knows, as in the days of his leadership of the presidential administration I reacted when the demonstrators denounced portraits of the president. I called him and warned that another portrait, during a demonstration organized, and you will not be the head of the administration. "

Meanwhile, in the offices of almost all officials in the institutions of education, health, culture, sports, portraits of Alexander Lukashenko. As a warning of Supervisors President hang pictures in their offices and some businessmen. His photographs of different sizes — from small desktop portraits to posters — can be purchased at any bookstore.

Marked panegirykami to the head of the country a number of professional and amateur writers. Increasingly, the image appears on the picturesque Lukashenko web. In an active employee of the museum native Shklovschiny Nicholas Zhygotskaga Several attempts to perpetuate countryman in nonfiction. However, the last work of the world has never seen — even government publishers accused Zhygotskaga in overt conditions:

Nicholas Zhygotski

"It is strange that no one has taken up the case. I do not see any sedition. He has released a book Fyaduta, written by other authors — for example, a journalist Sheremet. Well, I picked up and saved the best part of the president. Nothing bad is affected, aktsentavavsya only on the positive. And let it be a portrait, what is wrong, right? Someone wrote at one angle, and I — well, let it be the best. After all, Alexander G. and studied well, and everything worked as well. And in this regard I have a lot of reviews. I took comments from teachers, other professionals who knew him personally. Spoke very positively about it. So, I took him only such party. "

More than a dozen years in power, Alexander Lukashenko, has caused a stir with its scale construction. But amid grandiose construction projects can be traced clear priority — ice rinks that are even in the smallest towns. Under another birthday finally started to build a covered hockey rink and in Shklou, the birthplace of hockey player number 1. Gregory Kastusyou, policies and countryman Alexander Lukashenko, in effect saying that the approach to mass "palatsyzatsyi" of the country is quite controversial:

Gregory Kastusyou

"In the days when an ice palace was built in Mogilev, I was in a town in the Czech Republic. There, too, was building a similar ice palace, at prices close to Mogilev option. But the most interesting thing that the Czech Ice Palace capacity was twice more than the Mogilev — at the same price, in appearance and in all other indicators. Here is where the problem arises: why prices arenas, different in size, were the same? This problem should be raised and on such arithmetic is worth considering. "

Celebrations will continue in the family Lukashenko and the last day of summer. 31 August 6th birthday party to celebrate the younger son of the president, Nikolai. By age Mikolka since September 1 may be a schoolboy. However, the details of it will go somewhere for a class, or the school itself will come to the home of an outstanding student, do not seem to be.


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