On the border of Israel and the Gaza battle began

On the border of Israel and the Gaza battle beganUnits of the Defense Army Israel days of November 3 opened fire on Palestinians who fired guns from small people who worked on the kibbutz "Zikim", located near the border with the Gaza Strip, reports The Jerusalem Post.

On the Israeli side of the border there were no injuries, the losses Palestinians nothing is clear.

With the emergence on the scene of Israeli military shooting is not over, the Palestinians began to peel on the soldiers with mortars. After that, the Israelis called in reinforcements — the battle has entered the tank. This is, in general, is also not yet led to victory — shooting last.

As previously reported, at the request of Egypt, Israel postponed the holding of large-scale operation in Gaza to destroy the rebels. Cairo asked give time for him to assure the "Islamic Jihad" and Hamas to end rocket attacks on Israeli areas.

But peace efforts Egyptians visible to no avail: the flow of rockets from the Gaza Strip, though weak, but it is not braked.

Israeli officials have stated more than once that reserve the right to answer the toughest fighters in the act.

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