On the cruiser Peter the Great was conspicuous activity on the organization of artillery firing

On the cruiser "Peter the Great" was conspicuous activity on the organization of artillery firing

Now languid board the nuclear-powered cruiser (TARKR) "Peter the Great" was held ostentatious occupation safety precautions when performing artillery and missile firings.

To him the commanders were involved associations and connections fleet flagship spices, commanders of ships, their senior assistants, rocket and artillery commanders of combat units. Managed occupation chief of staff of the Northern Fleet, Rear Admiral Andrew Volozhin.

During the theoretical part of the training was made conspicuous oral and written questionnaires, allowing to find the knowledge of guidelines for all categories of officers of the Federation Council on the subject. After that, the example of the crew was present cruiser shows the organization of the artillery fire with the implementation of a set of requirements to comply with security measures.

Heavy atomic missile cruiser "Peter the Great" recently released in the Barents Sea for testing complex combat training, including the implementation of firing artillery and rocket weapons.

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