On the ground in Jurga artillery shell exploded, died draftee

On the ground in Jurga exploded artillery shell killed a drafteeIn the town of Jurga (Kemerovo region) investigated the incident explosion of artillery shells at the site of a military unit, as a result of which died conscript, reports "Interfax" referring to a source close to the investigation.

"The accident occurred at about 13:00 on August 28, when during unloading ammunition occurred explosion powder charge of an artillery shell 122mm "- explained the official.

As a result of what happened died conscript born in 1993 from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

This month, the incident with the explosion at the landfill is not the first. August 7th landfill area is trimmed of unexploded ordnance. Private Shuparsky hooked foot located on the edge of the pit unexploded 100 mm shell, which fell to the bottom and exploded. As a result, three soldiers and officers were injured, reports local resource "Kuzbass — the main thing."

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