On the islands of Vanuatu volcano awoke

Ambrym volcano began showing signs of seismic activity after a long period of calm. As the University of Hawaii, signs of activity in the form of a powerful thermal signal visible in the craters of Marum and Benbow. Other signs of mobility while lava is extremely difficult to identify, as the cyclone season in the region, and the volcano is simply closed clouds.

The total picture of the volcano Ambrym and s-in Vanuatu for a seven-day period.

Large basaltic volcano Ambrym caldera has a width of 12 km and is one of the most active volcanoes in New Hebrides arc. The volcano is covered with a thick layer of congealed mass consisting of nearly one pyroclastic deposits. Ambrima caldera formed during a major eruption pliniyskogo about 1,900 years ago. Active craters are Marum and Benbow. That of which the eruption is mainly derived pyroclastic flows and fills the area of the caldera. On the volcano, there are also numerous cinder mini craters and maars, formed during the later eruptions on the fault line that runs from east-northeast to west-southwest. As a rule, the eruption affects only craters within the caldera, but from 1850 to 1950 eruptions occurred due to external side craters, increasing the risk of a volcano and lava flows for local people.

Fig. The red-hot mass rises from the new lava lake in the crater of the valve C Mbvelesu. Crater was formed on the eastern edge of the crater Marum, which is in the west-central part of the caldera on top Ambrima. 28.08.1999 year.

Beginning in 1996 and until the late 20th century, the lava lake in the summit of the volcano caldera continues to show signs of activity, which were recorded at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s.

Photos: Tom Pfeiffer; MODVOLC; John Seach

Source: ecowars.tv.

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