On the Mistral will position the Ka-52

On the "Mistral" will place the Ka-52

The ship type "Mistral"Russian Navy will house multi-purpose attack helicopters Ka-52" Alligator. "On it informs RIA Announcements citing head of Rosoboronexport Anatoly Isaikina, made in Mon, June 20, at the International Air Show at Le Bourget in France.

In addition, according to "Interfax", Isaykin said that first "Mistral"Russian party will get in 2014, and the second — in 2015, in other words, 48 months after its entry into force. Contract for the supply of 2-helicopter "Mistral" was signed on 17 June 2011 during an international economic forum in St. Petersburg.

The contract for the construction of 2-"Mistral" at Russian shipyards, as reported by RIA Announcements quoting head of Rosoboronexport, will be signed separately. As explained by Anatoly Isaykin, for the conclusion of the treaty to decide "all local issues."

Also Isaykin noted that under the agreement for the supply of 2-French helicopter Our homeland will receive all of the technology needed to produce them on the territory of Russia. Namely, according to the head of Rosoboronexport, refers to the maritime operational tactical system disk imaging SENIT-9.

The total amount of the contract for the supply of 2-"Mistral" amounted to 1.2 billion euros. Of these 980 million euros will be spent on the construction of ships. Other funds will be spent on the training of crews, adapt documents and licenses of the transferred technology.

The implication is that the helicopter "Mistral"Entered service the Pacific fleet and will be based in Vladivostok. Ships will be used to ensure the safety of the Far East and namely the Kurile Islands.

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