On the Northern shipyard was built corvette for Russian Navy

On the "Northern shipyard" was built corvette for the Russian Navy

Yesterday at the shipyard "Northern shipyard"St. Petersburg was laid Brain Project 20385 corvette" Rumbling ". About this event, it became clear from the statements of the Press Secretary enterprise Olga Wilde. She said that "Severnaya Verf", which is the only producer in Russia Corvettes Project 20385, built for the Navy 10 such ships.

According to Wilde, currently Russian navy needs ships in 20 project 20385. Project 20385 has emerged as the modernization of the 20380 "Guarding". The ship "Guarding", which is the first ship of this project came from the Navy in 2008, the second ship "Savvy" — in the past year, and the third — "Courageous" will go into service at the end of this year.

On the stocks of the plant "Severnaya shipyard"Is also being built corvette" Resistant "(project 20381). On the Amur shipyard in real time under construction corvette "Perfect" (project 20380).

Length corvette project 20385 — 105 meters, width — 13 m, draft — 7.95 meters. Displacement of the ship — 2.2 thousand tons. The ships of the "Rumbling" stomillimetrovoy gun systems will be equipped A-190, 2 tridtsatimillimetrovymi gun mounts AK-630M 30 mm caliber, air defense system "redoubt" is also anti-ship missiles UKSK. These corvettes are capable of carrying helicopters Ka-27PL.

Earlier it was reported that on 1 February at the St. Petersburg shipyard will lay more of the 1st ship for the Navy of the Russian Federation — the frigate "Admiral Golovko" (Project 22350). This ship will be the third in this project and the second frigate "Admiral Gorshkov".

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