On the ruins of the Libyan

It appears that in the near future such a government as Libya remains solely in the historical documents and maps issued until the spring of 2012. After the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi, about any consolidation of the society, as the opposition favorites, and question. Each clan is trying to catch up on so much power in the country, how many will be able to master. Armed conflicts not cease for a single day, which shows the inability of the favorites of the Transitional National Council to keep under control the situation. Even the Libyan capital is now a conglomerate of some responsibilities of the different groups that are taking certain parts of town, trying to settle scores together. Former top brass Gaddafi's army and PNS themselves claim to regional leaders hold new territorial boundaries and use a tool that they have left after the arrival of the "Arab Spring." The current development of the country in such unrealistic criteria.

On the ruins of the Libyan

If you look at the map, it is almost the isolation of Libya areas with developed infrastructure of oil production

It came to the fact that different areas have become Libyan declare their own autonomy, if not more — about the actual independence. First the territory of Libya, declared their intention to develop separate from the rest of the country has become Cyrenaica — the Arabic version — Barca. At the last not so long ago, the Congress of the peoples of Cyrenaica, it was decided that this area from now on is a federal entity with administrative center in Benghazi. The Congress elected and acting head of Cyrenaica (Barca) — Shaykh al-Senussi. After his own election as-Senussi said that the people Barki opposed secession, but longs to deal with those who continue to use the chaos for their own purposes. Outlook, certainly worthy of special attention: the power of the first breakaway areas of the country are opposed to the split of Libya — the real theater of delirium, well, that's all.

The self-proclaimed secession Barki due, most likely, in order to get full control of the oil-bearing regions of Libya, who now can get out of control Benghazi. The exciting thing that the Congress of the Peoples of Cyrenaica, in announcing their own autonomy, it is not taken into account in the final declaration of their own domestic political entity such as the rights of the PNS, almost giving realize that the time of Mustafa Abdel Jalil (favorite PNS) ended before it began. Neither al-Senussi, no other meeting in Benghazi sheikhs not only offered no sovereign Jalil cooperation, and not at all were talking about either his person or on the PNS as a whole.

Once the actual announcement of broad autonomy of Cyrenaica was held, the new authorities of the territorial association announced the development of its own recently ministries and departments. First, in Barka will be made by the Interior Ministry, oil and education ministries, and service dedicated to the solution of public problems. All this looks like a fully realized step not only for an end to the war in the country of Libya, and its forthcoming crushing. The same is expressed, and the one about whom the new government of Cyrenaica deliberately decided to have forgotten — Mustafa Abdel Jalil. He said that all these congresses are held with the active monetary support of the West, seems to have forgotten that he was at the helm of power in Libya with the help of the U.S. and its allies. In addition, Jalil called on Libyans to resist "foreign conspiracy," as a result of which their country can go "on the bottom of the deepest pit." Well, just deja vu, a … Neuzh a sovereign Jalil thought that the West has indeed decided to keep it to the end. One never knows, and Jalil general will read the words of Colonel Gaddafi that is necessary to conduct a relentless war against the West …

Added fuel to the fire of the Libyan and other territory, which is directly behind the Cyrenaica decided to try to learn self-sufficiency. This Misurata. Then it was decided to make the security zone, which will be kept under control only local squads. The authorities of Misrata said that none of the Libyans are not allowed to enter the city without a special permit, the receipt of which must be notified in advance. In fact, Misurata — this is the second Authority, who had come to the country of Libya this week. You can imagine for yourself, what would be poured out on this trend.

Already at this time the representatives of the once united under the banner of a greenish Jamahiriya tribes try solve at one point became apparent territorial disputes means the introduction of guns. Recall that now on the ground Libya except for the Arab population is quite large number of tribes such as the Berbers, the Tuareg and Toubou. Occupying the area in the north-west of the country Berbers are trying to show the representatives of the Transitional National Council, which is not going to maintain contacts with the organization. And it's not long before now scheduled for early summer obscheliviyskih elections. How, Jalil is going to conduct the elections in the criteria of a growing number of private autonomy and territorial associations — the big question. It may be that some of the Libya just give up on the initiative of the PNS and decide to conduct their own choices, and that will be the legitimization of the social and political structure of these entities. And if so, then Libya can transform into the North African version of Somalia, where the boundaries of the 1st of the country is at once a few self-proclaimed republics (Somaliland, Galmudug, Avdalend, Sool, Sanaag Ain, Azania, Puntland and several others), leading endless armed conflicts together and do not hurry to sacrifice their own declaration of independence for the country's reunification.

It is necessary in such criteria Russian Federation to advocate a certain Libyan forces? Probably not. Can be fully set off against the Russian authorities as an error and the fact that in September last year, Moscow has recognized the Transitional National Council of legitimate authority. He PNS which Now on the ground Libya has the support of the Libyans, and can not without the help of others to make the process a broad public dialogue in the country. But as we all know, learn from mistakes, and so now is not even worth trying to keep track of crushing Libya provoked by Western intervention last year. Plainclothes war is not difficult to provoke, but it is very difficult to stop, because then it does not matter what OUTDOOR "help" Libyans — it nepriznatelnoe as test seat at the negotiating table those who have not to accept friend other as fellow citizens apparently do not lead to anything great. Let them Libyans and unite those who once led the country to the current large-scale chaos. Now, what the West has a chance to show everyone he knows how to use your own experience to restore democratic statehood and peace. And that after sowing democratic "Tomahawks" everyone can, and here — pick up the pieces such crops — no!

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