On the Russian Black Sea Fleet created a unified base of naval aviation

On the Russian Black Sea Fleet has created a unified base of naval aviationOn Monday the captain of the second rank N. Resurrection, the spokesman Black Sea Fleet (BSF), told reporters that the Black Sea Fleet Russian Federation created a single air base.

Preexisting airbases Black Sea Fleet Guards (which is available from Simferopol 13 kilometers) and Kacha (near Sevastopol) were converted into a single airbase 7057. The representative said that the fleet is made to optimize the units MA Black Sea Fleet.

"The formation of structures of modern air base is controlled by the control of naval aviation Black Sea Fleet. It was decided that the banner will base banner, which in August this year was awarded to pilots airbase Kacha "- said the Resurrection.

Alternate airports, a division of the airfield and communications, aviation medicine lab will be part of the newly made airbase. Assault, military transport, and special anti-submarine aircraft will be under a unified command.

Colonel Anatoly Stepanov was appointed commander of a unified air base.

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