On the Russian Black Sea Fleet waiting for a strategic weapon?

On the Russian Black Sea Fleet offers a strategic weapon?

On the Russian The Black Sea Fleet need to return the strategic aviation. About it said Gen.-Major A.Otroschenko, Chief of Naval Aviation Russian Federation Black Sea Fleet naval newspaper in an interview, "The flag of the motherland." Giving an answer to a reporter's question, the officer noted that the Black Sea Fleet, he hoped to build war machines such as missile carriers Tu-23M3. Together with the fact, experts are of the outlook that the statements of General look utopian.

According to General Alexander Otroshchenko, he is first to strike aviation combat vehicles, having a large radius of action, high-precision and a massive cannon, that they are not going to the affected areas of enemy air defenses, could very well use it, not only against ground forces, and against different classes of ships including aircraft carriers — the chief of aviation in the Russian Black Sea Fleet naval interview with reporters.

Russian General did clarify that we are talking about the Tu-22M3, formerly based in the Crimea. These machines are capable of producing nuclear weapons delivery. Also on the modernized Su-24M. According to him, the modernized Su-24M, in July of this year can enter the Black Sea Fleet. Together with the fact Otroshchenko Alexander admitted that the Black Sea Fleet is experiencing a severe shortage of experienced pilots, because virtually all of them were released as part of the reform of the army. In addition, Russian Black Sea Navy does not have a trainer to train pilots.

General draws the castles in the air?

Together with the different news agencies that they say that the Russian Black Sea fleet has a severe staffing prepyadstviya in question staffing of existing aircraft, which are based on the current time of the Crimean airfields in Kutch and the Guards. And when will the new aircraft, then some will just fly on their own, they say Russian officers.

At the same time, experts note groundless assertions about the likelihood of a frisky general aviation fleet retrofit, and even more — translation on the Crimean peninsula strategic combat vehicles. Sergei Kulik, head of the analytical center of Sevastopol "Nomos", put forward two options for this question, but both, in his words, make it impossible to placing a similar technique to the Ukrainian countryside. He thinks that it is either amateur general, just dreaming Strategic Air command, or as a special stuffing disk imaging agreed at the top to check the reaction of the Ukrainian authorities.

Sergei Kulik believes that the response of official Kiev should be specific: no matter what kind of aircraft movement that will change the military-political situation in this region of Europe — is not possible, as this will lead to a breach of international obligations undertaken by Ukraine.

The expert also believes that our homeland will not dare to relocate to their bases in the Crimea new aircraft, with no formal "good" of Kiev, and is a "good" is unlikely, especially regarding strategic bombers.

Meanwhile, the press center of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation has not commented on the statement of naval aviation chief General Alexander Otroshchenko.

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