On the teaching of Frontier-2012 friendly units will use Russian army equipment and weapons

On the teaching of "Frontier-2012" friendly units will take advantage of the Russian army equipment and weapons

The best teachers training centers of the Central Military Area (CVO) inspect zabugornye unit's readiness to perform tasks at the tactical doctrine of "Frontier-2012" with the introduction of equipment, weapons and equipment of Russian manufacture. Housed in the most modern field camp CVO, Mountain Infantry company aircraft and motorized infantry Kyrgyzstan — Tajikistan's Armed Forces have started special classes to prepare for the introduction of the collective forces frisky deployment of the Central Asian Region (CAR CSIS) for a role in teaching. For the first time in 2 days with zabugornom units classes, including fire training and driving combat vehicles, making it a few weeks to 2 days to reduce the period of combat coordination.

Teachers prepare students to act in weapons and driving the BMP-2: appeal to the 2A42 automatic gun (ammunition equipment, manufacture of fire) and driving tracked vehicles (in the column, cross country, while doing exercises on shooting). After taking tests for admission and equipment armament transferred to subdivision to perform tasks. According to the plan of command CSIS CAR, such studies can detect real willingness arriving units to prompt action.

On exercises, as well as during the period of teaching, communication between the armies of friendly soldiers through interpreters.

The basic step of the joint tactical exercise with units from the CSIS CAR "Frontier-2012" will be held from 8 to 10 August 2012

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