On the territory of Ukraine began teaching Slavic Commonwealth-2012

In Ukraine, began teaching "Slavic Commonwealth-2012"

At the landfill Wide lan near settlement Ulyanovka (Mykolaiv area, Ukraine) accomplished the opening ceremony of the joint exercise of paratroopers of, Ukraine and Belarus, "Slavic Commonwealth-2012".

There are participating amphibious units of the armed forces Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Each country involved up to 100 troops.

The main task of teaching will be working out of action as part of a joint battalion for peacekeeping tasks.

Russian troops was deployed with its own standard equipment and weapons to bolshennom landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet in the Ukrainian port of Novorossiysk port Yuzhny (Odessa area), From the "blue berets" did march on special cars "Tiger" in neighboring Nikolaev area, to the place of exercise (combined arms wide range lan, area np Ulyanovka).

Combined battalion will fulfill the practical issues to isolate and block the area of finding illegal armed groups, organizations duty at check-Fri, act at checkpoints, escorting humanitarian convoys, ensuring mine safety in the emergency area.

In the process of teaching scheduled landing personnel a joint unit of the aircraft of military transport aircraft "IL-76.

Teaching ends July 27.

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