On the threshold of the third world war

Mankind has fought tirelessly for many thousands of years. The main causes of the war were the redistribution of political and economic spheres of influence, the removal of military competition, etc. Throughout its history, mankind has experienced more than 15,000 war, which killed around 3.5 billion (!) People (XVIII century — 5500 000, XIX century — 16 million, XX — 100 million people, in 10 years of the new millennium has already killed more than 1 million people).

Mankind is constantly walking on the razor's edge. Surprisingly, once we exist at all. Special international group of experts to prevent nuclear terrorism, counted from the mid 1960s to the mid-1980s. More than 150 incidents in the United States and Western Europe. Among these explosions, attacks, theft and smuggling of fissile materials, components, weapons, etc. have been attempts to direct nuclear blackmail.

Officially and unofficially

Official sources are often not mentioned is really tense moments when the planet was on the verge of World War III. It is clear: no government does not want to report critical incidents, due to a failure of the system when nuclear missiles could incinerate foreign cities and bury beneath the ruins of cities, millions of innocent people. In turn, many countries maintain intelligence stamped "Top Secret" secret military operations and counter-attacks in case the war starts, and you will have to do something. But time does not stand still, and sometimes from the archives of a leak of information. That is when you begin to wonder how close to the abyss was a world in which many people of the world were engaged in humdrum chores, even in my thoughts without thinking about what the day might be their last.

For example, in April 1945, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered the preparation of a plan of war against the Soviet Union. The plan "Operation Unthinkable» («Unthinkable») has been prepared by May 22, 1945 joint planning staff of British war cabinet, according to which the date announcements of hostilities could be July 1, 1945 However, it should be noted that in the comments to the grant project Churchill pointed out that it is a "precautionary measure", as he was hoping for a "purely hypothetical case."

U.S. President Harry Truman at the outset of his reign, Stalin did not believe. In February 1946, began the development of the first plan (the "Press» («Pincher»)) of the U.S. war with the Soviet Union, in the framework of which was supposed to use nuclear weapons, and military action in 1946 and 1947 are assumed to be subjected to nuclear bombings of 20 cities. Further developed and improved plans for war against the Soviet Union, "Bully / Prank» («Broiler / Frolic», 1947), "Auriga» («Charioteer», May 1948), "The Crescent / Fleetwood» («Halfmoon / Fleetwood », 1948)," The Trojan »(« Trojan », January 28, 1949)," Without a snap »(« Off-tackle », December 8, 1949), and so ai 1948 expected to bomb for 70 cities in the USSR, and the only American strategists planned to use 200 nuclear bombs, hoping to use them to destroy up to 40% of the industrial potential of the Soviet Union and more than 7 million people.

Creation of NATO caused the concept of "nuclear deterrence" — the plan "Beat» («Dropshot», 1949), that the outbreak of a new world war was transferred to January 1, 1957 was a result in the following: for industrial and administrative centers dropped 300 200 000 Nuclear and conventional bombs, the invasion of land forces in the Soviet Union, the seizure of its territory division into zones of occupation and the dislocation of American troops in most major cities.

Well, that reason will prevail over emotions, although it should be noted that sometimes the fear of the Soviet Union in the Western countries reached a true hysteria (a vivid example — special issue of the American magazine «Coilers» October 27, 1951, is fully dedicated to the impending nuclear war with the Soviet Union, which The authors have planned for the years 1952-1955.).

Alas, as surprising as it may sound, the main catalyst of the third world war could not be the man himself, as an external factor, such as a permanent fault in the electronics and technology, evidence which had already accumulated a lot of stories.

The official affirmed that the four cases (it would be correct to assume that there are many more) false alarm systems, missile warning:

1) November 9, 1979 — National Computer Center Management Joint Command North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) issued a message saying that the Soviet Union began drawing a massive nuclear strike. The cause of the incident was the computer tape designed for testing activities in a missile attack, which was mistakenly loaded into a computer that is on duty.

2) June 3, 1980 by the U.S. command posts again received a warning of a missile attack. The reason for the incident: a failure in a computer chip, which led to the mapping of random numbers instead of the number of rockets launched.

3) September 26, 1983 satellite array has issued a message of the Soviet system of missile attack by the U.S.. The reason for the incident: false solution to the operations duty (although in this story and present technical factor).

4) January 25, 1995 — Launch of the Norwegian rocket put the world to the threat of a nuclear exchange between Russia and the United States. President Boris Yeltsin subsequently stated that the first time he has mobilized his "nuclear briefcase" for emergency communication with his military advisers.

One can cite examples of an entirely different type, but which were not less hazardous:

— An accident on one of the B-52 aircraft in January 1961, a result of the nuclear power of 24 megaton bomb dropped in the state of North Carolina. The residents are very lucky when you consider that in the fall worked only one safety device.

— The collision of the American bomber aircraft tankers in Spain in 1966 thermonuclear explosion happened, the bombs destroyed and infected the neighborhood of its radioactive fillings.

— In 1980 at the U.S. airbase Gand Forks burned B-52 nuclear bombs suspended.

— A powerful solar flare in February 1986 caused severe electromagnetic interference. False information about the alleged missile attack was deselected by experts.

What is the result?

As of the 2010 war going on in different parts of the globe — Somali war (more than 19,000 victims), the Second Intifada (more than 6600), the war in Afghanistan (more than 100,000), Baluchi conflict (over 1000), Darfur conflict (over 300,000), Iraq War (over 100,000), Waziristan War (more than 15,000), The War in Southern Thailand (more than 4000), etc. The participants of war are almost all countries of the world.

In the third world war will be present transient ground of action, all the power of the aggressor will focus on objects defeat the enemy's economy. The old principle of "territory conquered only when it set foot soldier" will cease to operate. Lying in ruins and stricken from the international community, the country itself is crawling to the winner, begging for mercy (a good example — the Gulf War, when 300 cruise missiles have put the Iraqi Army to its knees, despite the fact that the Coalition conceded manpower to Iraq by a ratio of 1 4, artillery 1:2).

The military situation in the world today raises serious trouble because of gradual political, economic and moral intensity, as evidenced by the expansion of the "hot spots" of the planet and the threats began slowly approaching the third world war. Its main causes are fighting for the redistribution of resources and in the economic sphere, and the most likely places where a fire start up a new world — the Middle East, and areas rich in natural resources. To date, the probability of this outcome of events in the next 20-25 years is approximately 35-40%.

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