On the Tiger, set a new Russian engine

On the "Tiger", set a new Russian engine

The term was not possible to verify the work of Yaroslavl engines before they enter into force.

Russian army already started to receive improved armored cars "Tiger-M", which are equipped with a diesel engine JAMZ-534-10. The properties of this new motor that opens the manufacturer motor, no worse, and, perhaps, better zabugornogo Cummins engine (specifically these engines were on the first "Tiger"). All the technical properties will be tested specifically in the military, and it will take a couple of years. But at the moment it is too early read on how successful was a new slider. To declare a new motor, you need to experience it in reality. Certainly, the fact that a similar establishment established in Yaroslavl, is funny. But there are doubts as to the terms assembly of engines JAMZ-534-10.

First "Tigers" appeared in 2007, but they were not accepted into the army, because they stood slider foreign production Cummins 205. It is not acceptable under the rules of the Russian army. All the same, there have not been able to offer the best, issuing its own engines were not.
This problem could not go unnoticed, and the company "Yaroslavl engines" was intended to address such an important prepyadstviya. So it was the emergence of the diesel engine JAMZ-5347-10. Its properties are designated by the manufacturer, do not give way to the South American.

On the "Tiger", set a new Russian engineRussian power motor for greater South American Cummins 10l.s. The main advantages are also referred torque values and savings in fuel consumption. These properties are still better than what the Yankees. For three years, "Tigers" with the new engines will be supplied to the troops of. These announcements were announced by Sergei Suvorov, which is one of the companies of GAS.

At this time, "Tigers", with only South American motors have special forces. These intake of these machines was in 2009. In fact, they are used in special operations on the territory of the North Caucasus. One of the cars visited the military operation, grenade exploded inside the car. But this did not prevent her to go without the help of others. All restoration work is carried out and machine returned to the army.

From reliable sources, it became clear that the machines with the Yaroslavl engines have not gotten to the place. But, as today's technology, the prirekany her way there. During use did not have any big damage, so only minor faults and breakdowns are something not bring myself to call. Naturally, the soldiers put their trust the machines with our motors in anything will not concede.

On the Arzamas Machine-Building Plant "Tigers" equip more Cummins engines. But as the creation of the Yaroslavl Motor dial the desired momentum, all cars will have at its JAMZ-530 Series.

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