On Venus discovered creatures

Russian scientist in his article stated that on Venus appearing and disappearing objects of a decent size, the appearance of these objects scientist is quite difficult to explain. Back in the 1970s, scientists have tried to explore Venus, studies credentials received many photos of the planet's surface. Scientists claim that prompted them to new research — many new research results with the physical conditions of the planets on them than — that resemble the conditions of Venus.

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Russian scientist claims that over the past 15 years have found more than 500 new planets, and the search for planets on which life can not stop. Until now, scientists are trying to find a planet on the typical signs reminiscent of the earth. This approach to the search for new planets is called — the earth's chauvinism, that is, many scientists believe that it is impossible the existence of other life forms in the non-ground conditions.

Russian scientist claims that it would be unfair to completely rule out the theory that life can not exist on planets with very low or very high temperatures — in spite of the fact that reliable data yet. On panoramic images taken in 1982, the scientist draws attention to the fact that the objects were discovered which appear and disappear quickly.

The soil which has undergone the analysis suggests that Venus was once water has evaporated due to the heat. The researchers came to a sensational discovery that the microscopic one-celled forms of life could survive in the clouds of Venus and to this day.

Scientists from Texas about 6 years ago hypothesized at an altitude of 40 km the temperature on Venus is dramatically reduced to 60 degrees, and the pressure is very close to the pressure of the earth, hence the clouds of Venus contain a lot of water. In an atmosphere of Venus were found gases hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, which may be products of microorganisms.

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