One fifth of the miners in Yakutia pollute

 Group of state inspectors MEP Yakutia during raids in Oymyakon ulus found that five gold mining companies polluted the environment, it is almost one-fifth of workers in the country this season in gold miners, said the government of the Republic of Sakha.

Of the 39 reported in the area of gold mining companies Oimyakon season in 2012 and spend 26. Within 17 days of the inspection staff Oymyakon conservation, operational inspection of state environmental oversight MEP Yakutia conducted a survey in 15 fields of 11 enterprises gold mining industry.

Reid conducted to identify the sources of river pollution Indigirka, Nera and their tributaries.

"It was found that five of the 11 companies tested to work in violation of water legislation. This Ltd." Alchanets ", LLC" Omega "A / C" North ", JSC" Aikhal "Ltd" Nehra. "With a mobile laboratory for the first time raid control national supervisory activities in challenging environments accompanied by analytical studies of water bodies and contaminated soils, "- said in a statement.

Two mobile laboratories for rapid analytical control was acquired by the Ministry in 2011.

The audit showed that the company "Nera" is reset sewage directly into the creek Prompribor Bytyktah-Edge. The fact of soil contamination with oil products Ltd. "Ray", which is developing the licensed area "Stream Nyuchcha" Company "Almaz".

Some businesses have repaired septic tanks, made a fresh dumping of dams. In this case, the inspectors noticed evidence of previous massive removal of silt-settling tank sludge into water, the report said.

Improper maintenance of hydraulic structures, does not provide full compliance with the environmental legislation, says MEP republic.

As a result of raids made up four of the administrative breach, issued six prescriptions, two administrative cases are being considered, prepared materials for the calculation of damage to water facilities in five companies and water users.

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